People & Change

Redesign & Restructure

Strategic business change drives organizational change.  Lirette Consultants take a holistic approach to organizational redesign by addressing not only the organizational chart, but also financial ROI, business processes, decision-making practices, roles and responsibilities and rewards and incentives.

Acquisition Integration

After the deal is made, the hard work of bringing new people and assets into your existing business infrastructure begins.  Lirette Consultants will integrate and combine the businesses with an eye toward achieving customer satisfaction, employee engagement and the ROI that triggered the deal.

Talent Management

A well-crafted talent management plan builds and sustains the right organizational capabilities to execute your business strategy.  Lirette Consultants will align and optimize human resource programs such as recruiting, staffing, succession planning, training and development, performance management and succession planning to bolster your strategic business objectives.

Culture Design & Change Management

Disruption. Technology. Innovation. Competition. They all compel companies to continually re-evaluate how they do business, creating a constant state of change.  Lirette Consultants will facilitate disciplined business approaches to reduce the people, political, cultural and organizational risks that encumber progress in your business.

High Performing Teams

Solving complex business and customer challenges requires cross-functional and cross-discipline collaboration and teamwork. Lirette Consultants will dramatically improve team effectiveness. Our team effectiveness method emphasizes clear direction, measurement and roles, while addressing team practices and behaviors that drive results.